DIRK - Hip Hop mix download 36 mins // 86 mb // 9-4-2015

TLDR; A mix of hip hop records i got from a friend.
Full story: Around 1998 a friend of mine bought turntables and started playing hiphop. Our group of friends would chill at his room, smoking, playing video games and hip hop records. I was already buying drum’n’bass vinyl but didn’t have my own decks yet, so i’d annoy everyone by practising my mixing in between the hip hop routines.
After a couple of years he quit and sold his turntables. I had my own sometime before that.
A half year ago i asked him if he still had the hip hop vinyl, he did and two weeks ago he
gave them to me. For free, in a big plastic bag. When i started playing them a lot of great memories came back, so i decided to do this mix.

DIRK - Hip Hop mix cover
  1. Diamond D Ft Sadat X - Never
  2. Godfather Don - Sir Menelik / Big Katz (instrumental)
  3. Chief Kamachi - The Meanin'
  4. Black Star - Childrens Story (instrumental)
  5. Pharcyde - Passin’ me by
  6. Gram to Understand Break - Stones Throw
  7. The Beatnuts - Turn it out
  8. Godfather Don - Burn (instrumental)
  9. Diamond D - When it Pours it Rains
  10. Black Star - Respiration (instrumental)
  11. Rahzel - All I Know
  12. Godfather Don - No Competition (instrumental)
  13. Hi-Tek ft. Jonell - Round & Round
  14. Diamond D - J.D.'s Revenge
  15. Nas - One Love


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