Live @ FORMS download 57 mins // 60 mb // 29-4-2006

Live at FORMS with the Giana Brotherz.
For the first time in a while I didn't play the warm-up set, so the selection is more rocking, with MC Pat & Dapper MC killing it on the mic.

Live @ FORMS cover
1. Craggz & Parallel Forces > Bride Of Funkenstein [Logistics RMX]
2. Red Eyes & Youtman > Ghost Squad
3. K-Step > Funk That Groove
> 4. Martyn > Whonder Why
5. Cyantific > Ghetto Blaster
6. Zinc > Reach Out (Brockie & Ed Solo rmx)
7. Digital > Red Hot
8. Digital > Sax Track
9. The Upbeats > Ghobi Ghost
10. Tactile > Incline
11. J-Majik > The Lizard
12. Raiden > Off License
13. SKC & Chris Su > What's Happening
14. Temper D & K-Fire > Tripswitch
15. Keaton > Redemption
16. Total Science > Jet Set (Cyantific RMX)
> 17. Zinc > Stepping Stones
18. Trace > Final Chapter (Motive RMX)
19. Propaganda > Breakdance
20. DK8 > Murder was the Bass (Raiden RMX)


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