Mindtrain 4 download 61 mins // 84 mb // 4-3-2008

This mix was done on-air at Fre4knc's Break-fast radio show on the 15th of january. It was pretty tight, but not quite there to put it online here. But i listened to this mix a lot, so i re-recorded it at home. Tight this time (ok.. with the occasional little slip & blue note here and there).
Check it out, another Mindtrain mix, so you know the deal, deep tunes mixed to take you on a nice little journey.

Mindtrain 4 cover
01 Kid loops - Train of Thought
02 Commix - Change
03 Zinc - Fair Fight
04 Lynx - Envy
05 Commix - Belleview
06 Switch - Future Motion
07 A-Sides - Everything (Mathematics RMX)
08 Lynx - Distant Zero
09 Alix Perez, Icicle & Switch - This is How
10 Mos Def - Panties (ZeroT bootleg)
11 Icicle - Strangest Feelings
12 Beta2 & Zero T - Strike Back
13 Spinor - Syrinx
14 Invaderz - The Source (break rmx)
15 Wizz & Daze - Future Switch
16 Lee Smith - Entropy
17 Loxy, Keaton & Munk - Aura
18 D-Kay - Space Quest
19 Raf & Ill Logic - Absolute
20 St. Luve - Dancehall Twist
21 Lynx - Disco Dodo
22 Atlantic Connection - Whatchuknow


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