RnR Sinterklaas download 88 mins // 81 mb // 5-12-2006

Royal & Raw radioshow special for "Sinterklaas", a traditional dutch festivity where Sinterklaas gives gifts to all the children. For this edition we thought it would be funny ( :P ) if I played as DJ Sinterklaas.
So i did... It's a very liquid orientated mix, and although a bit sloppy here and there, i really like this.
After an hour Silvahfonk takes over and lays down a wicked set.

RnR Sinterklaas cover
01 Mutt - Hot Lick Squeeze
02 Alix Perez - Illusions
03 Switch & Icicle - These Golden Days
04 Deep Inc - white shuffling groovah
05 >>Panties<<
06 Dj Deval - DL track
07 Zero Tolerance - Perseverance
08 Deep Inc - Tune
09 Invaderz - Wizard rmx
10 Icicle - Move On
11 >> Commix - Perfect Blue<<
12 Phobia - Quartet
13 Marcus intalex - Refreshed of andere kant?
14 Sabre - Chilled tune
15 Martyn - Believe it
16 Switch - Don't U Stop
17 Logistics - Red Sky at Night
18 Mistical - Inside My Head
19 Seba - Power of Love
20 Trace & Optical - Kridian
21 Heist - funky amen on play muzik
22 Dillinja - Organic funk
23 Amaning - 25th Hour


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